Not afraid of the plastic restriction order, truly eco-friendly tableware-sugarcane pulp tableware

In recent years, have you been troubled by garbage classification? Every time you finish eating, dry garbage and wet garbage should be disposed of separately. Leftovers should be carefully picked out from disposable lunch boxes and thrown into two trash cans respectively. I don’t know if you have noticed that there are fewer and fewer plastic products in take-out boxes in the entire catering industry recently, whether it is take-out boxes, take-out, or even the “paper straws” that have been complained about countless times before. You often feel that these new materials are not as useful as plastics.

Needless to say, the significance of environmental protection is of great significance not only to our country, but also to the whole world and the entire earth. But environmental protection should not make ordinary people’s lives full of troubles. “Although I want to make a contribution, I want to be more relaxed.” Environmental protection should be a meaningful and valuable thing, and it should also be an easy thing.


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This is when you need to use eco-friendly materials. There are many environmentally friendly materials on the market, including corn starch and PLA, but truly eco-friendly materials must be compostable and biodegradable. The biggest difficulty in compostable degradability is to first solve the problem of composting food waste. To put it simply, compostable materials are composted together with kitchen waste, rather than designing a separate system for compostable materials. Compostable is just to solve the problem of food waste. For example, take-out lunch boxes. Halfway through your meal, there are leftovers inside. If the lunch boxes are compostable, you can put these leftovers with the lunch boxes. Throw it into the food waste disposal device and compost it together.

So is there a lunch box that can be composted? The answer is yes, it is sugar cane pulp tableware. The raw material for sugarcane pulp products comes from one of the largest food industry waste products: sugarcane bagasse, also known as sugarcane pulp. The properties of bagasse fibers allow them to naturally tangle together to form a tight network structure, creating biodegradable containers. This new green tableware is not only as strong as plastic and can hold liquids, but it is also cleaner than biodegradable ones made from recyclable materials, which may not be completely deinked and will degrade after 30 to 45 days in the soil. It will begin to break down and will completely lose its shape after 60 days. You can refer to the figure below for the specific process. A lot of research and product development has been invested in it at home and abroad.


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MVI ECOPACK is such a company that provides sugarcane pulp products. They believe that environmental protection should be an easy task and that technological progress should lead to an easier life.

MVI ECOPACK provides professional green food packaging solutions with innovative product design concepts, achieving full environmental protection and meeting the higher quality needs of more diverse scenarios, allowing the public to enjoy worry-free convenience while building a better life together. The first series of products MVI ECOPACK launched on the market were square plates, round bowls and paper cups suitable for Chinese consumers. These are products that are often used in family life, gatherings of relatives and friends, and business banquets. Using these products can save you a lot of cleanup work, and more importantly, it can be disposed of together with kitchen waste without distinction, because it is a compostable and degradable product.

What MVI ECOPACK wants to do is to make environmental protection and life easier.

Post time: Oct-30-2023