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We support product customization, including color, appearance logo and anything you want to customize.

The biodegradable, compostable and recyclable products are our main products and in these collections we support product customization, including color, appearance logo and whatever you want to customize.

How? If it is to maintain the development of the ecological environment, then, it will be fully in line with your concept!

Of course! This will also be the development trend of thieco-friendly tableware and foodpackaging industry. Do not waste resources, do not litter! lt’s like we were one of the suppliersof eco-friendly packaging at the London 2012 Olympics, In 2023,we bring a piece of joyful news. MVI ECOPACK became the official tableware supplier of the 1st National Student (Youth) Games( Did you know? Make sure they’re all compostable or recycled after use?) .

Every small change comes from a few small moves. It seems to us that the real magic will happen in unexpected places, and we are only among a few of us making this change. We call on everyone to act together to be better!

Many large stores are also making changes to serve the public with eco-friendly products, but it is only a few small stores that are leading the change. We mostly work with food businesses like cafes, street food vendors, fast food restaurants, caterers… why limit it? Anyone who provides food or drink and cares about the environment at work is truly welcome to join our MVI ECOPACK packaging family.


Customized Bagasse Tableware

Custom Printing; Custom Embossing; Custom Size and Shape


Customized Paper Cup

Custom Offset/Flexo Printing; Custom Size; Custom Design


Customized PLA/PET Cup

Custom Printing; Custom Size and Design


Customized Paper Straw

Custom Logo Printing; Custom Design Printing; Custom Size


Customized Paper Bowl

Custom Printing; Custom Embossing on Lid; Custom Size and Shape


Customized Tissue

Custom Color; Custom Printing; Custom Size

Customized packing


Do your own customized packing is helpful to promote your brand,  mostly, the  ​​​shrinkwrap or demi-shrinkwrap with a logo or description written on the label is the most popular for the customers

Embossed Logo

Embossed Logo


Do the customized new mold for bagasse tablewares and the related PP/PLA/PET Lid as customer's drawing or idea,  sample mold first to confirm, then Mass production mold for Mass order.

New Products<br/>Customized

New Products

New products

There are no margins for the regular products in the market, most customers are willing to do new design customized products. Because new products are more attractive to final consumers, they are willing to pay higher prices to buy new high-quality products. Have your own customized food packaging?

As a tableware specialist, MVI ECOPACK aims to provide a Regular and Customized sustainable food packaging made from rapidly renewable resource bagasse.